The national united for real estate & industrial investments ltd.


Welcome to our company, a leading developer and investor in Iraq’s real estate, healthcare, and industrial sectors. Since our establishment in 2013, we have built a strong network of partners and executed successful projects throughout the country. Our focus is on creating high-quality, sustainable developments that benefit the local community and investors. With a track record of successful healthcare, residential, commercial, and industrial projects, we are proud to be a trusted and reliable partner in Iraq. Our experienced team is committed to exceeding client expectations and driving social and economic development. Join us as we continue to explore new opportunities and shape Iraq’s future

"Embrace small steps, steady progress, and continuous learning on the path of development. True growth comes from consistent efforts and a resilient mindset. Embrace the journey, for it is through incremental improvements that we reach our greatest potential"


At National United for Real Estate and Industrial Investments Ltd, our mission is to transform communities through excellence in healthcare, housing, commercial, and industrial development. We are committed to providing top-notch healthcare services, creating sustainable living spaces, fostering dynamic business environments, and driving technological advancements. With integrity and social responsibility as our guiding principles, we aim to empower individuals and contribute to prosperous and inclusive communities.


our vision is to revolutionize Iraq’s real estate and industrial sectors. Through exceptional healthcare, housing, commercial, and industrial development, we aim to enhance lives, empower communities, and drive economic growth. With integrity, innovation, and a client-centric approach, we are shaping a future of excellence and lasting value. Join us as we transform the landscape of Iraq’s real estate and industrial investments